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COVID-19 Testing by Wisconsin County

The spreadsheet below shows COVID-19 testing for each of Wisconsin's 72 counties beginning on Tuesday, May 12. The data comes from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) COVID-19 website.  The state updates this data daily at 2:00 pm CDT.

Some explanation of what's presented:

The cumulative, statewide totals appear at the top of the spreadsheet. Population numbers are those used by the DHS. I believe that they come from recent estimates, and as such, they may not accurately represent the current population. 

The first column shows the number of tests given in each county. Next, you'll find the number of positive tests recorded. This number will be the same as that found on We the Irrelevant's pages for a county's confirmed cases. The third data column calculates the number of cases per 100,000 population. This figure allows us to compare counties regardless of their size. The last column shows the percentage of tests that yielded a COVID-19 positive result. NOTE: FOR REASONS I CANNOT EXPLAIN, THE POPULATION NUMBERS APPEAR TO HAVE CHANGED SLIGHTLY FOR SOME COUNTIES. SINCE I'M UNABLE TO FIND THE NUMBERS THE STATE IS USING, I WILL CONTINUE USING THE NUMBERS WITH WHICH I BEGAN, THEREFORE, ALTHOUGH DIFFERENCES ARE SMALL, SOME OF THE PER 100K NUMBERS WILL NOT BE THE SAME AS CAN BE FOUND ON THE WI DHS SITE.

As you'll see in the row under the headings, I've highlighted the statewide number of cases per 100K and the percentage of positive tests. Highlighted in the same color below that number are the counties whose case numbers exceeded the state's numbers.


Test Data for 72 WI Counties